Characteristics of computer 

Speed: - As you most likely are aware PC can work quick. It takes just a couple of moments for computations that we take hours to finish. You will be shocked to realize that PC can perform millions (1,000,000) of guidelines and considerably more every second.

Hence, we decide the speed of PC as far as microsecond (10-6 piece of a second) or nanosecond (10 to the power - 9 piece of a second). From this, you can envision how quick your PC performs work.

2. Exactness: - The level of precision of PC is high and each estimation is performed with similar precision. The exactness level is 7.

decided based on the structure of the PC. The blunders in PC are because of human and off base information.

3. Perseverance: - A PC is free from tiredness, absence of fixation, exhaustion, and so forth. It can work for quite a long time without making any mistake. On the off chance that a huge number of figurings are to be played out, a PC will play out each estimation with a similar exactness. Because of this ability, it overwhelms a person in routine sort of work.

4. Flexibility: - It implies the ability to perform a totally unique sort of work. You may utilize your PC to get ready finance slips. Next minute you may utilize it for stock administration or to plan electric bills.

5. The intensity of Remembering: - Computer has the intensity of putting away any measure of data or information. Any data can be put away and reviewed as long as you require it, for any quantities of years. It depends totally upon you how much information you need to store in a PC and when to lose or recover this information.

6. No IQ: - a Computer is an imbecilic machine and it can't do any work without guidance from the client. It plays out the guidelines at colossal speed and with precision. It is you to choose what you need to do and in what grouping. So a PC can't accept its own choice as you can.

7. No Feeling: - It doesn't have sentiments or feeling, taste, information, and experience. Consequently, it doesn't get drained even after extended periods of work. It doesn't recognize clients.

8. Capacity: - The Computer has an in-constructed memory where it can store a lot of information. You can likewise store information in auxiliary stockpiling gadgets, for example, floppies, which can be kept outside your PC and can be conveyed to different PCs.