What is information technology

Information technology also referred to as "IT" is a computer-based technology used to collect, create, process store and distribute information. it is a combination of hardware; software and communication set up to process and distribute information around the globe. The people who work to develop such technologies are called IT professionals. Many companies now have dedicated IT departments for managing the computers, networks, and software application for their businesses. Since we live in the "information age information technology has a part of our daily life.


The impact of information technology

The information technology has influenced our society and livings to a greate level. It has imposed both positive and negative impacts which have greatly changed our ways of work and living. Following are the description of some of the positive and negative impacts of information technology on our society.

1. Positive impacts:

Most of the impacts of IT are positive which it has bought into every walk of life. some of them are stated as follows:


The introduction of information technology in business improves the speed and accuracy of the work done by individuals. There are many software application that reduces human efforts and increases work speed without any hassle.
It has also made it easier for the business of social networking sites like facebook and twitter, chances of marketing any products or services has considerably increased to an international level.


Information technology has impacted communication industry positively. electronics and communication fields have improved to the levels of what we call real communication. Technologies like VoIP ( voice-over Ip) give the user an amazing experience of living a world of IT.

Impact on education

Education is not just limited to simple teaching and learning now. This sector has gone beyond your level of imagination with the help of IT. Some classrooms and interactive teaching facilities are a new trend that most of the schools and colleges are following to make education easy for students.

Health industry

Health care industry has improved a lot. The introduction of IT in the health care sector improves the overall performance of the hospitals, Doctors and medical researches. New advancements in health care are rapidly shares around the globe.

Job reduction

With the advancements of IT technologies, human power is getting replaced by the machines so, a great loss to the people who earn their living on jobs only.


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