It is a collection of different instruction written in a specific format to perform some specific task is known as software. Software is required to perform a different task according to the need of the user. Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate the computer and relates devices. The computer hardware solves problems according to instructions given by the software.

Software is also referred to like the languages of a computer. Like human has languages to speak in the human world, there are many different computer languages as well. Essentially, computer software can be divided into three main groups depending on their use application. These are

  • System software
  • Application software
  • programming languages

1: System software

System software is the main types of software which directly controls the hardware of the computer. It is a collection of different software which provides the interface to communicate different hardware components with each and others. It is also called the "operating system (os)" which enables the interaction between user and hardware components of the computer system. Basically, The OS coordinates the different hardware components of a computer. There are many OS in the market. The most popular OS is from the worlds largest software company known as Microsoft. There are many examples of the system software, few of them are:
  • An operating system like window 7, window 8, window 10, Linux, Unix, etc
  • Utility programs like Disk scanners, Network configuration utilities, etc
  • Device drivers like VGA driver, Lan card driver and sound driver, etc 

2: Application software

Application software is also the collection of program that performs a specific task according to the need of a user. There are many numbers of application software available in the market to fulfill the need of the user. A normal user rarely gets to see the operating system or to work with it.

But all of us are familiar with the application which we must use to interact with a computer. Popular examples of application software are the Microsoft Office suite which includes much application like word excel and powerpoint. We use application according to our processing needs. Some software like internet explorer and Mozilla firefox are used to access internet.E.mail software outlook express is used to manage emails. In fact, all users interact with the computer with the help of application software.
Ther are two main types of application software
  • Customized software 
  • packaged software

Package software

Packaged software is also called software packages. There is the software which is built the address the needs of a big community of users. For example, word processors are used by millions of people of the world for document and editing. These are called off-the-shelf software as they can be bought from the market or downloaded from the internet.

Customized software 

Customize software are computer programs or web application that is specifically designed for a particular purpose. It is a type of application program built for specific needs or a particular user or organization. It is generally designed for a specific department or company according to their need. Customized software is usually very expensive to build as they are written and designed to meet the clients specific business processes.

3: Programming languages

It is a kind of computer software which is used to make new computer programs by computer programs. It is also used to develop both system softeware and application software. A sile way to understand programming languages is to think of them as bricks which can be used to create an application and operating system. There are many programming languages are in use days for both desktop and web application development.
C, C++.Java,C#,SQL.python are some popular programming languages.

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