Use of computer in aircrafts

The modern military or passenger aircraft are flowed and controlled with the help of computers. The modern aircrafts are controlled by giving instruction to the onboard computer, which sends signals to different parts ( electronic devices) of the aircraft. This system is called "Fly-by-wire" system. The pilot controls all activities of the aircraft through a computerized system. The pilot also communicates with the control room of the airport during flight.

Airline also proved online access. The passenger can connect their notebook or handheld computers (mobile) to the internet during their flights.

Use of computer in airlines

The airline performs most of its activities with the help of computers. Following are some of the uses of computers in the airline system.
  • Reservation of seats is done online using the computer network.
  • The flight schedule is managed using computer application
  • The flight control system uses the computer to connect to pilots and manage takeoff and landings.