vlc for chromebook

VLC is a mobile,ios & window application.VLC for chromebook is used to play videos,music and other thins etc.VLC for chromebook is very easy to use & install.VLC  for chromebook provide good quality to the user.Many people like VLC.

 The Chrome OS-powered Chromebox is a special breed of lightweight computers that can perform the basic tasks that most of us find in a common laptop. One of these tasks is to play video files. Although the built-in video player is good, we can also use advanced players like VLC for Chrome OS. We can install VLC for Chrome OS from the Chrome Apps website. These days, Chromeboxes also come with the Android Play Store. Therefore, we can also install the Android version of VLC on our Chromebook. In our opinion, the Android version works better. This is also updated frequently.
How to install 

Method 1: Install Chrome OS version of VLC

VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player. So, a native Chrome OS version exists.
VLC for Chromebook
 Go to the link & click add to the chrome link was add.